DZ966 F8 Atlantic Bath Steam Shower

Product Description

Atlantic Bath Steam Shower - DZ966 F8 (1 person)

The interesting shape of the Atlantic Bath DZ966 F8 Steam Shower makes this model one of our most popular shower for those working with a small or unique space.

It comes loaded with all of the great features you have come to expect from a Atlantic Bath Steam Shower including the FM radio, teak ceiling and floors, the fashionable black glass and so much more!

SIZE: 47.25” x 35.5” x 89.75”

  • 6KW steam generator
  • Tempered clear high quality glass rolling door
  • Touch screen control panel (control steam generator, radio and lights)
  • Rain fall shower head
  • Hand held shower wand
  • 6 adjustable body jets
  • Thermostatic temperature control faucet
  • FM Stereo
  • Self cleaning faucet for interior pipes
  • Aromatherapy faucet
  • Chromatherapy (5 mood lighting settings) LED lights
  • Teak floor panels and teak ceiling panels
  • 1 shelf
  • 1 stool included
Side Option
$5,799.00 $6,800.00

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