Spa Frogg Bromine Cartridge

Product Description

A select group of hot tub manufacturers have built the SPA FROG® Bromine Cartridge hot tub system into their hot tubs, up to 600 gallons, making caring for your water even easier. The SPA FROG® In-Line Bromine Cartridge Water system offers water care that is built directly into your hot tub, adding even more elegance to an already luxurious experience. FROG Fresh Mineral Water hot tub care is extremely effective while providing softer, crystal clear water for your enjoyment.


The SPA FROG®  Bromine Cartridge In-Line System offers water care that is built into the hot tub with no touching or measuring chemicals. The long lasting replacement cartridge provide "set it and forget it" convenience for weeks at a time. No need to add a shock before and after use - once a week is sufficient. Let FROG® do the work for you while you relax and enjoy your hot tub.

How It Works

The SPA FROG® Bromine Cartridge In-Line System is part of the hot tub's plumbing, with an easily distinguishable and convenient cap for top loading of the bromine cartridges. A simple twist and the cartridge basket is removed from the hot tub for quick and easy cartridge replacement. The entire process takes less than a minute The minerals last a full four months set wide open, while the bromine usually lasts around three weeks with adjustable settings to meet each hot tub’s needs.


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